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we cook, make drinks & select music

Formerly at Santo of Portobello Road, now Dine & Dance for hire “The way we see things is that we can collaborate with hosts and guests in order to create situations that nourish the soul” DELACRUZ HERMANOS



Dj Selector and Chef for hire. After 10 years running Santo as an underground spot, the DELACRUZ HERMANOS are mobile.  For private parties get in touch. 

From Summer 2020 Fernando will be based at a tranquil setting at the Natural Park of the Sierra Nevada. 



Fernando De la Cruz has been cooking for more than 35 yrs. Cut his teeth at the family restaurant in Aguascalientes 1983. From there to kitchens all around from Frisco to Sidney and of course as chef-patron for 10 yr at Santo on Portobello Rd. Now based at La Peña in Andalusia.


From background music growing into Salsa dancing nights Carlos De la Cruz has been selecting music for over 15 years in London. Particularly setting the vibe for the legendary Santo weekends on Portobello Road. Also bringing handpicked Dj's, percussionists and live latin bands. Carlos selects music via vinyl and digital.


El chef Fernando De la Cruz will be growing his own vegetables and cooking. La Peña is located 30 minutes from Granada airport and 

 90 minutes from Malaga airport.


“Born Fernando De la Cruz in Hermosillo Sonora, my brother started cooking since he was fourteen at the family restaurant. My parents are one of those couples that have been happily married for more than  50 years. My mum is such a passionate cook that at one point my dad gave up his career to open a restaurant back in 1983. The ‘Mexicali Rose’, we got it from them. 

Washed pots and made his way through the ranks in kitchens from San Fransisco to Sidney, Fernando lived under a tree with his temporarily adopted aboriginal family and free dived for sea-cucumbers in the barrier reef. Amongst other activities I think my brother is a poet and if you try his food you’ll know what I mean”